Munin for Android

Munin for Android

Keep an eye on your servers,
whenever, wherever!
  • Multi-servers support
  • Labels
  • Grids
  • Alerts
  • Notifications*
  • Widgets*
  • Apache Basic & Digest* Auth support
  • SSL support
* available with the Features Pack
Munin for Android

What is Munin for Android?

Munin for Android is an Android app allowing you to display Munin graphs of your server on your Android-based device. It is very simple:


Install the app

Download the app from Google Play on your device(s). The oldest supported Android version is Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).

Add your server(s)

Configure your servers into the app. The easy to use configuration wizard does all the work for you! :)


Display Munin graphs, or setup labels and grids to unleash the power of Munin for Android. Receive push notifications on your device when Munin alerts are triggered
# of sysadmins warned about a production environment on fire: Last one was 1 minute 7 seconds ago, that's one notification every 2 minutes 37 seconds
# of push notifications sent since August 2016

Open source

Munin for Android is open-source! You can contribute on its public repository on GitHub. If the app isn't available in your native language, you can help translating it using this easy to use online tool! Translation status: Translation status

Also, you can follow Munin for Android on Twitter to be notified about new versions, known issues, and more!


Munin for Android has a lot of great features! If you wish to add one, don't hesitate to ask!

Munin for Android Features Pack
Multi-server support
Port selection (ex:
2 sample servers to try the app
Save graphs on SD card
Plugins documentation
8 languages*
SSL support
HTTP Basic Auth support
HTTP Digest Auth support
Graphs grids
Servers configuration import/export
Graph widget
Alerts widget
Chromecast Support
Price FREE! $1.49
* the app is available in english, french, german, russian, spanish, italian, ukrainian, hungarian, japanese, chinese and dutch

Push notifications

Munin for Android allows you to receive real-time notifications when something goes wrong on your server. This feature requires you to configure your munin master installation to send notifications to our push server: step-by-step instructions are available on the project's GitHub page.

All the projects involved in this feature are open-source:

Is my server supported?

Yes it is! Munin for Android is compatible with almost every Munin version and server configuration! If you have any issue with Munstrap, please read this thread. If you think that your server isn't supported, feel free to contact me so we can discuss about it!


You can browse each version changelog on GitHub.